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Advantages of Decanting
1 Increase Acidity

Decanting accelerates oxidization and hence increases the acidity of the wine. For young white wines and rosÚs, this is not desirable. Never decant a Champagne.

2 Loss of Aroma
Hastening the development of the aroma might kill a red grand cru that has past its peak, as the structure of the wine is already very unstable. That is why we never decant an ancient fragile red wine.

Decanting a wine is the action of pouring the wine into a container like a carafe or jug.
Disadvantages of Decanting
1 Gas trapped inside

To let out traces of gas trapped inside the bottle as a result of fermentation.

2 Oxidization
Decanting facilitates oxidization of the wine, turning a vigorous young red wine more mellow and round.
3 Bouquet
4 Sediment
It helps the development of the aroma, bringing out the bouquet of the wine.
In the case of most aged Red Grands Crus, a natural sediment is produced when colour pigments react with tannins. Decanting enables us to separate the sediment leaving the wine crystal clear to drink.
How to Decant
A young and robust wine can be handled with less care. But extra attention has to be paid to mature red grands crus. They should be taken out of the Cellar and left standing upright 1 or 2 days before drinking. This will allow the sediment to settle.
1 Open the bottle

Rest the bottle in a basket and proceed to open the bottle.

2 A Carafe
Have a clean carafe ready. Rinsing it with a little bit of the wine will be better as the chemicals in the carafe will react with the wine producing unwanted flavours.
3 Light a candle
4 A single steady pour
This is for lighting up the neck of the bottle during pouring. It also helps warming up the wine.
With the neck of the bottle immediately above the candle, pour the wine slowly but steadily into the carafe without causing any backward flow even when sediment is approaching the neck. During pouring, the bottle should be maintained as horizontal as possible.
5 Stop
Stop pouring when the sediment is accumulating and settling down on the neck of the bottle.
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