Opening the Bottle

1 The Capsule
2 Cleaning
5 Opening a bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine
3 Removing the Cork
4 Smelling the Cork
The Capsule is normally made of metal (lead or aluminium), plastic or wax which should not touch the wine when served. Hence cut the capsule around the neck of the bottle just below the lip. The top of the capsule can now be removed.
The top of the cork as well as the neck of the bottle should be wiped with a piece of cloth or kitchen towel.
Use a corkscrew or any wine opener to do this. Make sure that the cork is not pierced.
It should not have any rotten or funny smell.
After removing the foil, loosen and remove the metal fastener with ease. With the thumb of one hand on the metal crown of the cork and the other hand holding the bottle, push the cork very delicately (sometimes a skillful twist will help). Because the bottle is under pressure, the cork pushes itself out explosively if you allow it. So, keep the pressure on the cork with the thumb to stop it from doing that resulting in only a 'pop'.

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