Serving Temperature

Serving the wine at the appropiate temperature helps bring out the aroma. Generally speaking, white wines should be served more chilled than reds. Serving temperature should always fall within the range of 6 - 19C (43 - 66F). Above 20C (68F) the quality of the wine will be changed.

Wine Catagory Serving Temperature C Serving Temperature F
Very Mature Red Grands Crus 17-18 63-65
Bordeaux Reds - Grands Crus 16-17 61-63
Burgundy Reds - Grands Crus 15-16 59-61
Full-Bodied Reds, Mature Reds 14-16 57-61
Full-Bodied Dry Whites 14-16 57-61
Young, Light, Fruity Reds 11-12 52-54
Beaujolais Nouveau 10-12 50-54
Red Vins de Pays 10-12 50-54
Ross 10-12 50-54
Dry Whites 10-12 50-54
Petit Whites & White Vins de Pays 8-10 46-50
Champagne & Sparkling Wines 6-8 43-46
Sweet Whites 6 43
Suggested Serving Temperature for Different Wines

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