Country - Region: Istrian - Croatia
Producer: OTIUM S.p.a.

We are in Istrian Region that before the second war was an Italian land. The vinery is established on 2001 in the middle of the area famous for the production of MALVASIA ISTRIANA. All the vineyards are on the hill but with the view on the sea that is 8 km far from the vinery. In our area we have a particular situation of the land because we have red clay, white clay end black clay, clay that give to the grape same different proprieties. The vinery in modern and with all the new technical equipment for the vinification of the grapes. We have decide that our mission is work only the tipycal grapes born here and specially MALVASIA ISTRIANA. We produce 2 types of plate MALVASIA ISTRIANA and 1 type of sparklin MALVASIA ISTRIANA. We produce 200.000 btl of wine for year but the vinery is potential producer about 400.000 btl of wine for year, number that we think is the border line forn produce quality.



This wine comes from a selection of Malvasia istriana grown on white clay ( BIJELA GLINA) of the wonderful hills surrounding Verteneglio. The colour is straw yellow with greenish reflections, fresh and fruity its aromas with a hint of orange blossom. Light bodied with a dry and well balanced taste. Enjoy this wine with fish dishes and mussels. Drink at 10-12°C
From the vineyards of red clay ( CRVENA GLINA) at the foot of Verteneglio's hills we get this wine. The colour is straw yellow , fruity the aromas with reminiscences of vanilla. Medium bodied with smooth and dry taste. Enjoy it with fish and light dishes. Drink at 10-12°C

The cuvée is a blend between wines coming from white clay (40% ) and red clay (60%). After a 60 days fermentation in stainless steel vats we get a pale straw yellow wine, round , elegant, dry, with apple and citrus aromas. Enjoy at anytime, as aperitif or with fish dishes. Drink at 6-8°C